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Ask the Dentist

What causes decay?  Plaque is a film that forms on teeth.  When sugar foods and drinks combine with the plaque an acid is produced that attacks the enamel surface.  Repeated acid attacks can breakdown enamel and may eventually cause decay.  We know the pH of the mouth is an important part of not getting cavities.  Check your drink and see what the pH value is and drink more neutral water.

Can I have my silver fillings replaced?  We may recommend your silver filling to be replaced if it is broken, decayed or leaking.  Routine removal of silver fillings is not necessary. 

What is the difference in Guided Biofilm Therapy versus a traditional cleaning?  Guided Biofilm Therapy is a type of cleaning that shows you the plaque on your teeth as well as directs our hygienist in 100removal of the biofilm layer.   This process is through a water lavage system to remove the debris and build up.  This is gentler on your teeth and root exposed areas than traditional means of cleaning with lots of instruments and pumice polish. 

What is the difference between a crown and bridge?  A crown is for a single tooth, while a bridge is series of connected crowns to replace a missing tooth.

What is an implant? An implant is a titanium screw that is placed inside the bone to replace a missing tooth.  It can then be covered with a crown to look like a natural tooth. 

How can I change the shape or color of my front teeth? Bleaching, Bonding or Veneers may be a solution to your shape or color of your front teeth.  We would be happy to discuss these procedures and find the one right for you. 

Do you take any insurance?  We would be happy to file your insurance we have hundreds of insurance companies we work with.  As patient with dental insurance be sure you are allowed to go to any provider and review your benefits. We will call and check for eligibility and benefits but it is ultimately your responsibility.   Our office has “preferred provider” contracts with Delta Dental Premier and Healthchoice.

If I have primary and secondary insurance do I have to pay anything?  That is up to your insurance companies.  Often people think the second will pick up whatever the first does not, that isn’t always the case.  You may be responsible for a portion and your deductibles.  We will be happy to help file for the most benefit possible.